June 25, 2014

Online Shopping Adventures

I love shopping! It is even more exciting when it comes right to your door! haha Online shopping is kind of exhilarating in a way. At least for me. :) The past few purchases I've made online have been quite successful. It's relieving and gives me hope for the next purchase. haha...

Anyway, speaking of, I've made two new purchases! One from sheinside.com and the other from dsw.com. I've never bought anything from She Inside, but saw a dress and a review from them on another blog and browsed the website. I found something I thought I'd like and bought it!

I also bought a new pair of heels. I've been searching for a pair of white heels. I really wanted an all-over white pair, but found these at dsw. I have another pair in a different color, so I thought since I already loved the other pair I'd just get the white.

I'm excited to get my packages in the mail soon! And hopefully this will stave me off of shopping for a bit... :P

July 24, 2013

The McD's

I've started a new blog called The McD's. It is my new family blog where I will share our adventures. A lot of friends and family have family blogs and I have thought that it sounded so fun to have one. I will be keeping this blog up because it is my rant and rave, personal blog, but we will see how long that lasts.


July 11, 2013

A review

I looked through old blog posts and a few thoughts came to mind.
I'm glad I don't do outfit posts anymore, I have a lot of clothes, and I am always growing/changing.
Lots of rambling.

I think people who have fashion blogs are insecure. I really think that...It is okay to want to see what you look like and to get feedback. We all do it. It is just second nature. But I think people who focus on fashion, beauty, and what they look like are in a negative frame of mind. 
As I looked over my outfit posts I felt foolish about what I wrote some of the time. Sometimes we are so concerned with looking good and looking like everyone else.

Another thought I had while perusing my blog posts was that I have a lot of clothes...or at least I have a lot of clothes that fit before becoming pregnant. haha. I have about 9 shirts I can wear right now, 4 pants (shorts, capris, whatever), and maybe 6 skirts. If that were the size of my normal closet I would...well, I would probably go shopping, but I would also have a ton of space left over. And laundry would take one load. Besides underwear. haha... Anyway, I have missed my two-closets-full-of-clothes wardrobe. It has been a good experience being pregnant and I have gotten along fine without my ginormous wardrobe, but I am definitely excited to wear my old clothes again. 

I am also glad that I am growing and changing. I am grateful to have gotten through many experiences. I am really grateful now that I am married and that I am not homesick. That was really a struggle...I am grateful to have written down parts of my testimony. 

June 20, 2013

New shoes!

I love shoes!
I bought a new pair of shoes... I am a little guilt-ridden, but I am still excited to have them... I have had my eye on them for a while and considered getting them when I bought the same pair but in a different color.
I have a bajillion pairs of heels. And I love them all. 

I bought the greenish bluish pair sometime last year and got the orangey pinky ones today in the mail. hehehe

I got both of these beauties at dsw.com. I usually only get shoes from DSW because I have a points card there. I rack up my points frequently enough that I get coupons for $$ off and by that time it is usually celebration time (i.e. birthday, christmas, some random thing that is worth celebrating) and I usually ask for a gift card. hahaha!!! 
Anyway, I am excited to wear them soon!